How you can help get increased footpath access for bikes in Wales

1st September 2017

Just click on the easy link from British Cycling & its all done for you


On Wednesday 21st June, the Welsh Government issued a consultation document entitled ‘Taking forward Wales’ sustainable management of natural resources’.

Within this consultation are positive noises about the Government proposing to allow cycling (and horse riding) on footpaths, with the same conditions as the current 1968 has for bikes and horses on bridleways.

 Currently bikes are only allowed on 21% of the rights of way in Wales so opening up footpaths would be a massive change and expansion of where we can ride. Cycling UK (formerly the CTC) and OpenMTB are also asking for people to be allowed to cycle on access and common land, such as windfarm and utility tracks.


In 2015, Cycling UK convinced the Welsh Government that responsible off-road cycling is possible and should be encouraged. The Government listened to over 4,000 cyclists and are now consulting on how to make this a reality.

Cycling UK and Open MTB think this is a great opportunity to open up Wales, for more people to enjoy cycling while benefiting the rural economy, and we need your support to make it happen. 

This isn’t just about cycling. We’ve been working with the wider alliance of Outdoor Access Wales, which includes groups like the Ramblers and the British Horse Society, to make sure everyone can enjoy the countryside equally. 

You don’t have to live in Wales to take part – you just have to agree that you should be able to cycle legally on more than 21% of the Rights of Way network. This principle works in Scotland, and if we’re successful there’s no reason it can’t work in other parts of the UK. 

See the website on how to do this 

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