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EMTB Electric Mountain Bike Guided Rides Brecon Beacons

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

With the significant increase in people embracing Electric Mountain Bikes (EMTB) and the improvements in technology, range & durability, many of the tougher routes we ride on traditional MTB's can now be opened up to more riders by using EMTB's instead.

This will allow riders who maybe cannot get out as much, or with different stamina levels to experience big days out in the mountains, whereas previously they may of struggled.

It also allows mixed groups of riders to go together e.g some on traditional bikes & others on EMTB's

So if you fancy a new challenge either on your own EMTB or we can arrange rentals if you are thinking of either buying one or wondering what all the noise is about, then contact us to find out more.

EMTB Guided Ride Brecon Beacons
EMTB Guided Ride Brecon Beacons


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