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Booking Terms and Conditions

1.     Confirmation and Payment:

All booking correspondence must take place between TREADS AND TRAILS and the CUSTOMER (jointly known as the “PARTIES”). The latter shall be responsible for notifying all participants of the Booking Terms and Conditions and all payments for the party as a whole. Once notified of the CUSTOMER’s intention to book a particular activity and date, TREADS AND TRAILS will reserve the requested date to allow the CUSTOMER to send the required deposit by the date as stipulated on the invoice.

The activity and date is booked when TREADS AND TRAILS issues written confirmation, via post or e-mail that the deposit payment has been received.

The final balance must be paid by the required date as stipulated on the invoice, and before the confirmed activity date, otherwise TREADS AND TRAILS reserves the right to cancel the booking and cancellation charges may apply.
In the case of a booking being made within 4 weeks of the departure date, TREADS AND TRAILS requires payment in full.

Payment can be made by various methods with payment details as per TREADS AND TRAILS invoice.

2.     Cancellation:

(a) By the CUSTOMER: Cancellation will only be effective when CUSTOMERs written notification, via post or e-mail, has been received by TREADS AND TRAILS and confirmation of cancellation via post or e-mail has been issued by TREADS AND TRAILS.

Cancellation charges are non-negotiable and apply as follows: 

  • 10 weeks or more,                 Loss of deposit

  • 9-5 weeks,                              50% of total cost

  • 4-2 weeks,                              75% of total cost   

  • under 2 weeks,                      100% of total cost

(b) By TREADS AND TRAILS: A full refund of any monies paid will be made. The Liability of TREADS AND TRAILS is limited to the value of any payments made (up to a maximum of the total invoice value). TREADS AND TRAILS shall not be liable for any consequential loss incurred by the CUSTOMER.  

3.     Changes & Alterations:

(a) By the CUSTOMER: TREADS AND TRAILS will endeavor to accommodate CUSTOMER requests if possible, however changes are not guaranteed, and may incur additional costs, which will be advised to the CUSTOMER for acceptance prior to acceptance of the change.

(b) By TREADS AND TRAILS: In the unlikely event that TREADS AND TRAILS shall have to make any changes to the activity/date we reserve the right to cancel or amend the booking. In the event of a major change or cancellation, an alternative activity/date will be offered if it is available. If the offer is not acceptable, the CUSTOMER will receive a full refund. The Liability of TREADS AND TRAILS is limited to the value of any payments made (up to a maximum of the total invoice value). Activities will commence and end at the times stated on the invoice, however this is subject to change depending upon conditions and CUSTOMER needs. It is the CUSTOMERs responsibility to arrive at the meeting point in sufficient time.

(c) By the PARTIES: If the PARTIES jointly agree to cancel or amend the booking (e.g adverse weather conditions, serious illness). The PARTIES shall be jointly responsible to agree if any refund of CUSTOMER payments is due, taking into account the cause of the cancellation or amendment and any payments already made to third parties which may be non-refundable.    

4.     Liability:

TREADS AND TRAILS shall have no liability for any loss or damage suffered by the CUSTOMER or any other person, will not provide any refund of payments made and accepts no responsibility for delays or alterations caused by war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorism, closure or congestion of airports, ports, train stations or roads, technical problems with transportation, natural and nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, or similar events beyond its control or any failure by TREADS AND TRAILS to perform any part of its obligations in these terms and conditions caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control. The CUSTOMER and each participant are responsible for their own personal possessions, and for any theft, damage, loss or breakage.

The Liability of TREADS AND TRAILS is limited to the value of any payments made (up to a maximum of the total invoice value). TREADS AND TRAILS shall not be liable for any consequential loss incurred by the CUSTOMER.  

Each participant will complete a Pre-Activity declaration which forms part of this agreement.

5.     Safety Regulations:

Outdoor adventure activities take place in varied natural environments where there are natural hazards and risks to manage.

The nature of the activity means there is a possibility of a serious and/or fatal injury. TREADS AND TRAILS personnel are trained and appropriately qualified to run activity sessions and will at all times proceed in a manner to limit the risk of injury. However, the CUSTOMER needs to accept that accidents, serious injuries and fatalities can happen. CUSTOMER’s participating in courses are expected to comply with minimum equipment standards and all safety guidance and instructions given by TREADS AND TRAILS. This includes adequately and honestly completing Pre-Activity Declarations and any other information provided either in writing or verbally.

6.     Insurance:

TREADS AND TRAILS recommend that the CUSTOMER has their own valid travel and activity insurance to cover cancellation (e.g due to illness or injury), curtailment, personal accident, public liability, medical and emergency expenses and belongings whilst undertaking the activity.

A condition of booking is that all participants must have their own personal accident and liability insurance.

7.     Equipment:

TREADS AND TRAILS does not supply any equipment for the activity unless specifically agreed & confirmed in writing at the time of booking.

Any equipment provided must be returned in good working order at the end of the activity, and items not returned or damaged will be charged at cost price.

Any equipment brought by or rented by the CUSTOMER from a third party provider, is the sole responsibility of the CUSTOMER, together with its suitability and good working order.

No refunds will be issued by TREADS AND TRAILS for equipment which fails and is not supplied by TREADS AND TRAILS, and stops the activity taking place. Any refunds due for equipment supplied by TREADS AND TRAILS will be solely limited to the rental cost of the equipment only, less any deduction taking into consideration the duration that the activity has already run for.


CUSTOMERs hiring bicycles from TREADS AND TRAILS agree to the following additional terms and conditions:

(a) Damage or loss costs

The CUSTOMER will pay for Equipment loss. Severe damage or Equipment loss will result in charging full replacement costs.

Hire charges will accrue until settlement is made.

The CUSTOMER will also pay the cost of repairing damaged Equipment beyond normal wear and tear.

This includes snapped chains, buckled wheels, as well as any crash damage, significant scratches, dents, plus breakages of any component that requires replacement for it to function correctly.

Parts are charged at cost, and labour at standard rates with the following exceptions:


• Minor damage to the frame and forks is charged at 20% of the Manufacturers Retail Price of the bicycle;

• Major damage to the frame and forks is charged at 30% of the Manufacturers Retail Price of the bicycle;

• Where the frame or forks are written off, 50% of the Manufacturers Retail Price of the bicycle;

• Where both the frame and forks are written off, 100% of the Manufacturers Retail Price of the bicycle;

The CUSTOMER will examine the Equipment or goods at physical hand-over to ensure satisfaction, any defects of the Equipment must be drawn to TREADS AND TRAILS attention at this time.

(b) Security of Equipment

The CUSTOMER assumes responsibility for the Equipment and undertakes not to sell, rehire or part with possession, alter, repair or modify it in any way.

(c) Lost or Stolen Equipment

The CUSTOMER agrees to insure the Equipment against all risks on a new for old basis with any claim, settlement receipts from an insurance company or other source being held in trust for payment on demand. This liability is without prejudice to any of TREADS AND TRAILS rights under the contract.

Equipment purchased to replace lost or stolen items/Equipment is the property of TREADS AND TRAILS.

(d) Maintenance of Equipment, and breakdown procedures

The CUSTOMER is responsible for safety, safe use, serviceability and cleanliness of the Equipment throughout the hire period and must immediately notify any breakdown or shortcomings to TREADS AND TRAILS without attempt of repair.

8.     Conduct:

CUSTOMERs are expected to behave in a manner that in no way causes damage, distress, danger or annoyance to others, any property and/or any third party. Should any CUSTOMER fail to behave in a decent manner, TREADS AND TRAILS reserve the right to cancel their booking immediately without refund.

All damages caused and/or expenses incurred through poor conduct will be the liability of the CUSTOMER, and MUST be paid in full prior to departure. TREADS AND TRAILS accepts no responsibility for the actions of any CUSTOMER and shall not be held liable for any claims made against it, by a third party, as a result of any CUSTOMER’s actions.

9.     Information & Web Site Accuracy:

All information supplied is, to the best of our knowledge, correct. TREADS AND TRAILS does not however, accept responsibility for any inaccuracies that may be published in error.

10.   Fitness Levels & Special Requests:

A good general standard of fitness is required. TREADS AND TRAILS cannot be held responsible for any illness, injury or fatality caused as a result of an ongoing medical condition and/or insufficient standard of health and fitness. Any special requests & medical conditions should be communicated at the time of booking on the Pre-Activity declaration form supplied. Whilst every effort will be made to satisfy any special requirements, these cannot be guaranteed.

11.   Complaints:

Any complaints should be made during the event directly to the TREADS AND TRAILS Event leader. In the unlikely event the complaint remains unresolved then full details of the complaint must be made in writing, and sent to TREADS AND TRAILS at the address stated, within 28 days of the end of the event.

12.   Photographs/Videos/Social Media:

From time to time photographs and/or video footage taken on courses/activities may appear in TREADS AND TRAILS and/or relevant third parties promotional material, social media pages etc. If CUSTOMERs do not wish to be photographed or filmed please raise this when booking your course.

13.   Applicable Laws:

The laws of England and Wales apply, with the place of jurisdiction being Cardiff, Wales and form part of this agreement.

14.   Data Protection:

Any personal information you provide will be used by TREADS AND TRAILS in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018. TREADS AND TRAILS will use the information provided to process your booking request and to provide any relevant further information. Personal data shall be utilised only for one or more specified and lawful purposes, and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or those purposes.

15.   Declaration:

By undertaking the activity the CUSTOMER and all party members included in the booking expressly accept the above conditions, unless objections and omissions are agreed in writing with TREADS AND TRAILS. All participants must be over the age of eighteen (18). Any participants under this age must be specifically mentioned at the time of booking, must be accompanied at all times during the activity by a responsible adult and be able to provide the express written agreement of their parent/guardian. Bookings made by school/youth group parties will be covered under their organisations policies, and supervisory adults must take part in the activity.    


Valid from: October 11th 2018